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Research GELIFES



M. Ateweberhan (Marine Biology): Seasonal dynamics of coral reef algae in the Southern Red Sea - Functional group and population ecology (thesis)

Promotores Prof. W.J. Wolff, Prof. J.J. Videler


G. Blaj (Neurobiophysics): Walking and vision in blowflies (thesis)

Promotor Prof. D.G. Stavenga; copromotor Dr J.H. van Hateren


L.W. Bruinzeel (Animal Ecology): Search, settle, reside and resign - Territory acquisition in the oystercatcher (thesis)

Promotor Prof. R.H. Drent; copromotor Dr J.M.Tinbergen; referents Dr B.J. Ens, Dr S. Verhulst

de Vries

K. de Vries (Neuroendocrinology): Involvement of the brain melanocortin system in energy homeostasis (thesis)

Promotores Prof. A.B. Steffens; copromotor Dr G. van Dijk


J. Drent (Marine Biology, Animal Ecology): Life history variation of a marine bivalve (Macoma balthica) in a changing world (thesis)

Promotores Prof. W.J. Wolff, Prof. T. Piersma


C.M. Eising (Behavioural Biology): Mother knows best? - Costs and benefits of differential maternal hormone allocation in birds (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Daan; copromotor Dr T.G.G. Groothuis


A.H. Engelen (Marine Biology): Flexibility without compromose - Population biology of the brown seaweed Sargassum polyceratium around the island of Curacao (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.L. Olsen; copromotores Dr A.M. Breeman, Dr P. Ǻberg, Dr W.T. Stam


M. Gondwe (Marine Biology): Quantifying the role of marine phytoplankton (DMS) in the present day climate system (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H.J.W. de Baar; copromotores Dr W.W.C. Gieskes, Dr W. Klaassen


R. Gosens (Molecular Pharmacology): Plasticity of airway smooth muscle phenotype in airway remodeling (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. Zaagsma, Prof. H. Meurs; copromotor Dr S.A. Nelemans


I.E. Hendriks (Marine Biology): Flow dependent processes in settlement of intertidal bivalve larvae (thesis)

Promotores Prof. C.H.R. Heip, Prof. P.M.J. Herman; copromotor Dr L.A. van Duren


G.G. Hoarau (Marine Biology): Population genetics of plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) in Northern Europe (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.L. Olsen, Prof. A.D. Rijnsdorp, Prof. W.T. Stam


J.I.H. Keuker (Molecular Neurobiology): The hippocampal formation and aging - Studies on neurons and capillaries in rhesus monkeys and behaviorally characterized tree shrews (thesis)

Promotores Prof. P.G.M. Luiten, Prof. E. Fuchs (Gottingen)


D.P.J. Kuijper (COCON): Small herbivores losing control - Plant-animal interactions along a natural productivity gradient (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.P. Bakker, Prof. H.H.T. Prins (Wageningen University)


A.M. Mouissie (COCON): Seed dispersal by large herbivores – Implications for the restoration of plant biodiversity (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.P. Bakker; copromotor Dr R. van Diggelen


W. Müller (Behavioural Biology): Maternal phenotypic engineering - Adaptation and constraint in prenatal maternal effects (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Daan; copromotores Dr C. Dijkstra, Dr T.G.G. Groothuis


J. Prop (Animal Ecology): Food finding - The trail to successful reproduction in migratory geese (thesis)

Promotor Prof. R.H. Drent


R.J. Renken (Biomedical Engineering): Topics in auditory fMRI analysis - Motion-REST-auditory perception and brain response (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H. Duifhuis

van Doorn

G.S. van Doorn (Theoretical Biology): Sexual selection and sympatric speciation (thesis)

Promotor Prof. F.J. Weissing

van Gils

J.A. van Gils (Animal Ecology): Foraging decisions in a digestively constrained long-distance migrant, the red knot (Calidris canutus) (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R.H. Drent, Prof. T. Piersma

van Oijen

T. van Oijen (Marine Biology): Iron and light limitation of carbohydrate production by phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H.J.W. de Baar; copromotores Dr W.W.C. Gieskes, Dr M.A. van Leeuwe


C.J. Vermeulen (Population Genetics): Genetics of lifespan determination in Drosophila melanogaster (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R. Bijlsma, Prof. W. van Delden; copromotor Dr L. van de Zande


V.E. Villafañe (Marine Biology): Ultraviolet radiation and primary productivity in temperate aquatic environments of Patagonia (Argentina) (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H.W. de Baar; copromotor Dr A.G.J. Buma

von Engelhardt

N.B. von Engelhardt (Behavioural Biology): Proximate control of avian sex allocation - A study on zebra finches (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Daan; copromotores Dr C. Dijkstra, Dr T.G.G. Groothuis


C. Winter (Marine Biology): Ecological role of planktonic bacteriophages in the North Sea and the tropical Atlantic Ocean (thesis)

Promotor Prof. G.J. Herndl


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