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Research GELIFES



E.T. Buitenhuis (Marine Biology): Interactions between Emiliania huxleyi and the dissolved inorganic carbon system (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H.J.W. de Baar

de Boer

W.F. de Boer (Animal Ecology): Between the tides - The impact of human exploitation on an intertidal ecosystem, Mozambique (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R.H. Drent, Prof. H.H.T. Prins

de Groote

C. de Groote (Molecular Neurobiology): Pharmacotherapy for Parkinson's disease - An evaluation of GABA and NMDA receptor antagonist in 6-OHDA lesioned rats (thesis)

Promotores Prof. P.G.M. Luiten, Prof. B. Bohus

de Jong

I.C. de Jong (Animal Physiology): Chronic stress parameters in pigs - Indicators of animal welfare? (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.M. Koolhaas; referents Dr H.J. Blokhuis, Dr E. Lambooij


J.W.P. Esselink (Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology): Nature management of coastal salt marshes - Interactions between anthropogenic influences and natural dynamics (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.P. Bakker, Prof. R.H. Drent


I. Janse (Microbial Ecology): C in the sea - Production and microbial breakdown of Phaeocystis polysaccharides (thesis)

Promotor Prof. L.J. Forney


A.J.M. Jansen (Plant Ecology): Hydrology and restiration of wet heathland and fen meadow communities (thesis)

Promotor Prof. E. van der Maarel; copromotor Dr A.P. Grootjans


A. Kamping (Population Genetics): On the maintenance of allozyme and inversion polymorphisms in Drosophila melanogaster - Interactions between Adh, ╬▒Gpdh and In(2L)t (thesis)

Promotor Prof. W. van Delden


J.P. Konsman (Animal Physiology): Immune-to-brain communication - A functional neuroanatomical approach (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.M. Koolhaas, Prof. R. Dantzer


I.B. Obernosterer (Marine Biology): Photochemical transformations of dissolved organic matter and its subsequent utilization by marine bacterioplankton (thesis)

Promotores Prof. G.J. Herndl, Prof. W.J. Wolff


J.C. Oberwinkler (Neurobiophysics): Calcium influx, diffusion and extrusion in fly photoreceptor cells (thesis)

Promotores Prof. D.G. Stavenga


I.R. Pen (Population Genetics): Sex allocation in a life history context (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Daan, copromotor Dr F.J. Weissing


L. Poot (Neurobiophysics): Light adaptation and early processing in the human visual system (thesis)

Promotor Prof. D.G. Stavenga, copromotor Dr J.H. van Hateren; referent Dr H.P. Snippe


O.A. Quilambo (Plant Physiology): Functioning of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) under nutrient deficiency and drought stress in relation to symbiotic associations (thesis)

Promotor Prof. P.J.C. Kuiper


A.W. Stienstra (Plant Physiology): Nitrification in semi-natural grasslands (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.W. Woldendorp, Prof. L. Brussaard


R.J. Strykstra (Plant Ecology): Reintroduction of plant species - S(h)ifting settings (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.P. Bakker, Prof. J. van Andel


J. Tuma (Animal Physiology): The melatonin agonist S20098, shift work and affective disorders - A study performed in the rat (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.M. Koolhaas

van den Broek

I.V.F. van den Broek (Molecular Neurobiology): Olfactory sensitivity of Anopheles mosquitoes with different host preferences (thesis)

Promotores Prof. B.G.J. Bohus, Prof. J.C. van Lenteren (Wageningen University)

van der Kooij

T.A.W. van der Kooij (Plant Physiology, Population Genetics): Response of Arabidopsis thaliana to elevate CO2 en SO2 (thesis)

Promotores Prof. P.J.C. Kuiper, Prof. W. van Delden

van der Veen

A. van der Veen (Plant Ecology): Competition in coastal sand dune succession - Cause or mechanism (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. van Andel, Prof. J.P. Bakker

van der Velde

M. van der Velde (Population Genetics): Genetic structure of the moss genus Polytrichum (thesis)

Promotor Prof. W. van Delden

van Duren

I.C. van Duren (Plant Ecology): Nutrient limitation in drained and rewetted fen meadows (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. van Andel, Prof. C.W.P.M. Blom

van Duren

L.A. van Duren (Marine Biology): Moving (in) water - Behavioural kinematics, hydrodynamics and energetics of the calanoid copepod Temora longicornis (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.J. Videler, Prof. W.J. Wolff


O. Velterop (Population Genetics, Plant Ecology): Effects of fragmentation on pollen and gene flow in insect-pollinated plant populations (thesis)

Promotores Prof. W. van Delden, Prof. J. van Andel


S. Westerman (Plant Physiology): Response of sulfur assimilation in curly kale to atmospheric hydrogen sulfide (thesis)

Promotor Prof. P.J.C. Kuiper


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