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RTV Noord and the UG launch new science program

07 November 2022

Why doesn’t a spider get stuck in her own web? Where do the moon and the stars go during the day, and why can’t you tickle yourself? These and more fun questions are answered in the new RTV Noord program Eva zoekt uit (Eva finds out), for which RTV Noord has joined forces with the University of Groningen.

Starting on 7 November, the programme will be broadcast every Monday immediately after Noord Vandaag. The program starts at 18.00 and is repeated every hour. Every week, programme-maker Eva Hulscher selects a question and goes to the University of Groningen to find a scientist who can answer it in an understandable and engaging way.

The programme is intended for viewers of all ages, but the questions come from children. Hulscher: ‘Children still wonder about things that we adults take completely for granted. Why don’t you find your own farts smelly, is one such fun question. These are questions that we no longer ask ourselves, but the answers are really interesting for everyone. And you would be surprised: there is a scientific answer to be found for nearly every question.’

Associate Professor Jan Willem Bolderdijk helps Eva to find the right researcher for her questions. He is happy that UG researchers get this opportunity to show how fun their work is. ‘People associate science with highly complex and uninteresting material, but it is actually about the surprising everyday things that we all wonder about. We scientists have turned this into our work. If you want to know why you don’t find your own farts smelly, you can best ask a biologist or psychologist!’

Children can still submit questions (in Dutch) via the contact form.

Broadcast episodes (in Dutch)

7 November: Why doesn’t a spider get stuck in her own web? With biologist Martine Maan and chemist Marleen Kamperman.
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