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Research Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies

Affiliated members

Our affiliated members are collaborating with the GCSCS, completed a PhD at the UG or are working at the UG in an associated field.

Otto Adang |  Safety, social conflict, aggression, crows, Police Academy NL
Ming Cao |  Modeling, analysis and control of multi-agent systems
Ralf Cox |  Cognitieve Ontwikkeling, Embodied Embedded Cognition
Sebastiano Delre |  Market dynamics and innovation
Harmen de Weerd |  Artificial Intelligence and higher order social reasoning
Piter Dykstra |  Opinion dynamics and reasoning agents

César E. García-Díaz

|  Complexity economics / firms as a complex adaptive systems
André Grow |  Status dynamics in task oriented groups (work teams)
Lex Hoogduin | Complexities in finance
Rene Jorna † |  Cognitive modelling and planning
Michael Mäs |  Collective action and social integration in social networks
Ruggero Rangoni |  Agent Based Simulation of normative processes
Gerard Renardel de Lavalette |  Computing Science, RUG
Roman Seidl |  Multidimensional opinions about contested infrastructure
Henk Sol |  Computer science & information systems
Erika Speelman |  Adaptive capacity of social-ecological systems
Victor Stoica |  Social networks
Károly Takács |  Social networks, collective action, intergroup conflict
Daniel van der Post |  Evolution and self organization of behaviour in animals
Anne van der Veen |  Economic ecological modelling
Marijn van Dijk |  Dynamic adaptation in early childhood
Peter van Eck |  Market dynamics and innovation
Paul van Geert |  Complexity approach to human development and education
Tony van Vliet |  Security and Safety, TNO
Bart Verheij |  Artificial Intelligence, RUG
Franjo Weissing |  Theoretical biology, computational biology
Nanda Wijermans |  Crowd behaviour, social-ecological systems modelling
Qijun Zhang |  Population dynamics
Kees Zoethout |  Organisational complexity

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