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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Data Science & Systems Complexity (DSSC) Research Complex Systems & Engineering


The participants in the DSSC collaborate on several topics:

Control systems
This is a central topic of collaboration between ENTEG and JBI: analysis and synthesis of dynamical control systems, formation control, stability and control (also relevant for ALICE), systems-of-systems, and self-adaptive systems in the healthcare domain. Here dimension reduction plays a role in the control of multi-physics and resilient control systems, and (non)linear model order reduction for control systems. Other aspects concerns advanced instrumentation.

In the area of networks, JBI and ENTEG work on balancing, optimization, robustness, and controllability of networks; networks of systems, interconnection of systems, distribution networks, cyberphysical systems and cyber-security; smart grids (power, gas, heat, and water); sensor networks for smart factories (industrial contacts); and communication-centric systems. JBI works on software analytics; wireless ad-hoc networks, and context-aware systems; or engineering systems within a multi-discipline, multi-life cycle, multi-organization context. Applications in life science concern controllability of complex metabolic processes, metabolic pathways and biochemical reaction networks (collaboration within the Systems Biology center). Other topics of interest are biological swarms (in collaboration with CEES), and social networks (contact with GMW).

Data analytics
In the area of data analytics, JBI works on big software and social media; diagnostic tools for medical image data; provisioning of cloud resources; exploration of massive software repositories; correctness of communication and transaction protocols; software visualization; visual analytics and interactive graphical systems.

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