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Research profile L. (Luis) Venegas, MSc.

Project: Coevolutionary Dynamic Networks.

In the real-world, a wide variety of coupled dynamic systems arise, ranging from physical to economic and social ones. The aforementioned structures are closely correlated as the actions made by one might alter the performance of another. For this reason, network based models are often employed in modern dynamic systems research for such phenomena description. Thus, one interprets a network as a set of dynamical systems represented as nodes and connected through links, which describe the way the nodes interact with each other, providing the network with particular topological properties and evolution rules.

Essentially, previous research has been conducted under two specific assumptions, either networks with static links and evolving nodes, or networks with static nodes and evolving links. However, very few existing studies consider networks with simultaneous evolving nodes and links, despite the fact that in reality both elements are constantly transforming. Therefore, a coevolutionary network determines a structure on which the performance of its nodes and their connections is co-dependent and co-evolving.

This project will focus on the research of coevolutionary dynamic networks, firstly studying those evolving with the same time-scale, but emphasizing later on multiple time-scale coevolutionary networks, predominantly considering opinion and epidemiological dynamics.

Keywords: Complex systems, Dynamic networks, Coevolution, Multiple time-scales, Epidemics.

Fields of expertise involved: Complex systems, Coevolutionary Networks, Multiple time-scale dynamics, Game Theory, Epidemiological dynamics.

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