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About Data Science & System Complexity

Three research lines
Three research lines

The DSSC Centre stimulates interdisciplinary, innovative research for the development of new methods that help solve the challenges associated with the combination of Big Data and Systems Complexity. Many of the greatest mathematical and computational challenges faced in almost any science today stem from the combination of large amounts of data and the complexity of the systems under study. Indeed, large quantities of data by themselves need not provide much of a challenge if the underlying system producing these data is simple enough. By contrast, even modest amounts of data can cause insurmountable computational and mathematical problems if the best algorithms or models have high complexity.

Research at the DSSC Centre brings together several disciplines with an immediate interest in the handling of Big Data and Complexity (mathematics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, engineering, astronomy, physics, bioinformatics) to address three broad topics:

  • Adaptive Models and Big Data
  • Complex Systems and Engineering
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Big Data

A group of 20+ researchers, gathered in a Pioneers group, work on developing interdisciplinary synergies within these areas. They aim to:

  • Produce cutting edge research in data and complexity science
  • To translate Big Data and Complexity research into innovation at the national and international level
  • Train a new generation of data and complexity experts fit for academia, the private and public sectors.
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