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Research profile A. (Anusha) Aswath

A. (Anusha) Aswath

Project: Automatic identification of structures in biomedical mega-images

Nanotomy is an innovation in Electron microscopy (EM) at the Giepmans Lab, UMCG, to allow the study tissues, cells, organelles and macromolecules in a Google Earth-like fashion. Each dataset consists of a large gigapixel high-resolution image (of size more than 15GB) that provides information at the nanometer-range. A new microscope to solve for the current rate-limiting data acquisition step is to be installed at the UMCG in 2020Q3. Since the new microscope will acquire data 100x faster, the next main challenge is the interpretation of data. This can be done partially by labeling or staining, but automatic tools for the detection of organelles and subcellular structures are essential when dealing with the big data at hand.

We aim to apply pattern recognition and computer vision techniques to handle automatic identification of structures in biomedical mega-images. The focus will be on developing adaptive algorithms for best accuracy and to run them efficiently to deal with large and noisy data.

Keywords: Nanotomy, High-resolution, Automatic tools, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision.

Fields of expertise: Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence.

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