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Research profile Dr. Hamed Ayoobi

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Dr. H. (Hamed) Ayoobi

Hamed Ayoobi graduated on 30 January 2023, Explain what you see: argumentation-based learning and robotic vision.

Hamid: I am currently a research associate at imperial college London working in the field of eXplainable AI (XAI). Specifically, I work on explaining deep neural models using argumentation frameworks. Moreover, I work on explainable robotic vision.

Project: Home robotics

Robots must be able to handle unforeseen circumstances. Neither knowledge representation nor machine learning approaches allow for the sufficiently robust handling of unforeseen circumstances. As a result, new hybrid technology must be developed that combines knowledge technology for the manual representation of behavior-guiding scenarios for new and exceptional circumstances with data technology to evaluate and adapt these scenarios. In the robot architecture developed in the project, a hypothesis testing cycle will be modeled using argumentation-based techniques designed for the combination of logic-based scenario representations and probability-based data analysis. The architecture will be tested in the international annual RoboCup@Home competition.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, argumentation, robotics, scenario modeling, human-machine interaction.

Fields of expertise involved: Artificial intelligence, argumentation theory, robotics, human-machine interaction.

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