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Research Projects III

The third round of integrative projects within the scope of the Adaptive Life programme comprises of nine PhD projects that started between July and September 2020.

A fly as best friend is an option too - The evolutionary conserved genetic pathways of sociability

PhD candidate: Sanne Lamers
PIs: Jean-Christophe Billeter & Martien Kas

An evolutionarily conserved pathway that links sociability, sleep and memory

PhD candidate: Adithya Sarma
PIs: Robbert Havekes & Jean-Christophe Billeter

Polar bear with cubs
The cool brain - How hibernators maintain neuronal integrity

PhD candidate: Maarten Hamberg
PIs: Roelof Hut, Robbert Havekes & Robert Henning

Ecosystem iron retention and recycling in the pelagic phase via top predators

PhD candidate: Marcos Suárez Menéndez
PIs: Per Palsboll, Klemens Eriksson & Rampal Etienne

Honey bees
Towards an eco-evo-devo theory for the evolution of eusociality - Integrating theory, field experiments and molecular genetics

PhD candidate: Jan Kreider
PIs: Ido Pen, Leo Beukeboom & Jan Komdeur

Corona virus
The role of eco-evolutionary interactions on the spread of antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic microbial communities

PhD candidate: Misshelle Bustamante Ordonez
PIs: Marjon de Vos, Sander van Doorn & Oscar Kuipers

Steam clock
DNA-methylation as an epigenetic clock of biological age – A new tool to study ageing and ecology & evolution of life histories?

PhD candidate: Marianthi Tangili
PIs: Simon Verhulst, Hannah Dugdale & Per Palsboll

Social determinants of evolvability

PhD candidate: Jana Riederer
PIs: Franjo Weissing & Jan Komdeur

Walking people
Combating Parkinson’s disease by modulating the activity of the kinase LRKK2 by way of passive exercise and an evolutionary approach

PhD candidate: Cargi Ahuja
PIs: Eddy van der Zee & Arjan Kortholt

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