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Maria Antonietta Loi Appointed Next Editor-in-Chief of Applied Physics Letters

17 April 2024
Maria Antonietta
Maria Antonietta

Congratulations to CogniGron's Maria Antonietta Loi for becoming the next editor-in-chief of Applied Physics Letters.

Maria's term as editor-in-chief of APL started on 1 April 2024. She joined the editorial board of APL as an associate editor in 2014 before being promoted to deputy editor in 2019.

“To be appointed editor-in-chief of APL is a great honor and a great responsibility. APL has played a pivotal role in the history of applied physics over the last sixty years; generations of scientists have been educated reading APL papers,” said Prof. Loi.

Maria Antoinetta Loi

Prof. Loi received her Ph.D. from Italy’s University of Cagliari in 2001, then studied as a post-doctoral fellow at the Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells at Austria’s University of Linz. In 2006, after several years at the Italian National Research Council’s Institute for Nanostructured Materials in Bologna, Italy, she was named assistant professor and Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials.

Prof. Loi has spent a decorated career investigating new semiconductors and improved means of fabricating optoelectronic devices, including solar cells, LEDs, and photodetectors. Her awards and honors have included the Minerva Prize in 2011, the Physica Prize in 2018, and elected memberships or fellowships at the American Physical Society (2020), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (2022), Royal Society of Chemistry (2022), and European Academy of Sciences (2022).

Established in 1962, APL is a publication at the very forefront of applied physics. With a dedication to rapidly disseminating key data and novel insights, APL’s reach extends across all branches of physics, engineering, and modern technology.

“APL has a tradition of everlasting science, science that makes an impact for decades,” said Prof. Loi. That tradition is one that Prof Loi intends to carry on to the next generation of researchers advancing applied physics.

“Prof. Loi has established herself as one of her field’s brightest stars, and we are delighted she will be leading Applied Physics Letters,” said AIP Publishing Chief Publishing Officer Penelope Lewis. “Prof. Loi is inheriting a tremendous publication with a deep history — a post befitting her remarkable career — and we’re eager to watch it thrive in new ways under her direction.”

Edited from AIP Publishing. Read the full press release

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