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Research ENTEG Research

Overarching research programmes

The ENTEG institute is affiliated to the Engineering Center of the university of Groningen

ENTEG staff participates in the following research themes

Smart and Circular HUB
ENTEG has strong active research lines on the subjects:

  • Smart Industry, where concepts such as Artificial intelligence, Sensoring, Big Bata and Robotization are applied in order to produce more efficiently, and
  • Circular Economy, an (ecological) shift of the way of producing and consuming materials. The latter entails waste prevention by preserving the value of products and materials, using renewable carbon (e.g. CO2, plastic recyclate and biomass) and changing business models to safeguard a smaller ecological footprint.

Based on these strengths, ENTEG launched a smart and circular HUB initiative. More information on this initiative can be found here.

ENTEG staff also participates in the following academic agendas of the University of Groningen:

  • innovation agenda Green industry
    to present research of the University of Groningen carried out in the Green Industry theme, as well as current collaborations and our ambitions for future joint projects with relevant stakeholders.
  • innovation agenda Smart mobility
    to present research plans of the University of Groningen in the area of smart mobility to be performed in cooperation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Roadmap for smart industries
    to develop new fundamental knowledge, to create a conceptual foundation for current smart industry initiatives, and to train and inspire students in a variety of Master programs.

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