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Provinces and SNN support research into production of plastic from sugar

25 November 2020

How can we make bioplastics from sugar in an efficient way, so that the price becomes comparable to that of plastics from petroleum? This is what the University of Groningen with project leader Prof Gert-Jan Euverink of ENTEG and various companies and knowledge institutions will be researching over the next three years. The province of Groningen, the province of Drenthe and the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN) jointly support the sustainable initiative with a subsidy of almost 1.2 million euros. More than 900,000 euros comes from a European EFRO subsidy. If the research shows that plastics from sugar can compete with plastics from fossil fuels, this can be a huge boost for the environment and the northern economy. If successful, the project can create 60 to 85 new jobs in a follow-up phase.

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