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Research PhD courses

Material and Content Theoretical Ecology Course 2015

Utrecht, Friday 30 January 2015

Please consult your library, book shop or other sources to obtain a copy.

Guidance for finding the location: To reach the Buys Ballot building (Room 106), Princetonplein 5, Utrecht, take Bus 12 or 12S (stop: Padualaan) from Utrecht Central Station.

Amsterdam, Monday 2 February 2015

Before arrival read the Energy Budgets paper which summarizes the standard model of the DEB theory.

Guidance for finding the location: We start at 10:00 in Room T550 Vrije Universiteit, W&N Building, De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam
From Central Station Amsterdam

  • metro tram 51, direction Amstelveen Westwijk (16 minutes), stop at: De Boelelaan/VU
  • tram 5, direction Amstelveen Binnenhof (25 minutes), stop at: De Boelelaan/VU tram 16 or 24, direction VUmc, final stop
From Station Amsterdam Zuid
  • express tram 51 (1 minute), direction Amstelveen Westwijk
  • tram 5 (1 minute), direction Amstelveen Binnenhof
  • it's a 10 minute walk to the VU from Station Amsterdam Zuid

Notice that we are NOT in the main building but in the W&N building de Boelelaan entrance 1081.
Enter the main building at the main intrance. Walk straight and leave the main building at the backside (otherwise ask at the information desk in the main building). Enter the W&N building at de Boelelaan 1081. Take the elevator to level 5, and go for the T-wing to room T550.

Leiden, Monday 9 February 2015

Must read articles are indicated above in bold, other papers provide additional information and are optional.

Guidance for finding the location: Walking from the station to the Sylvius lab takes about 20 minutes. Leave Leiden Central Station in the direction LUMC-Oegstgeest. Cross the small parking lot, and then a little to the left take the road diagonally crossing the lawn (Bontuspad) to end up at a parking garage. Follow the foot and bike path left of that garage (Hippocratespad). After crossing an open area, with quaint little bridges on your left followed by an ugly small pub on your right, you reach a bigger road (Darwinweg). Go right till the roundabout. There take the road to the left (first clockwise, Zernikedreef). After a small bit of walking take the first road to the right (Endegeesterwatering; closed of with a movable barrier for cars). When you have come to a parking lot on your right you can cross the water to the left, to end up in front of the Sylvius building. An alternative is not to take the rather gloomy Endegeesterwatering, but to go right only after the TNO laboratory, over a little bridge, where you already can see the lab, and follow the bike path to the right. The lecture theatre (15.03) is on the first floor, at the right hand side of the corridor behind the first door to the right when you come from the stairs.

Groningen,  Monday 16 February 2015

Guidance for finding the location: Linnaeusborg, Zernike Complex, Groningen; see website. Take the elevator next to the reception desk at the main entrance to the building up to the 8th floor. Turn right out of the elevator and turn right again. You'll see Room 08.80 right in front of you.

Utrecht, Friday 20 February 2015

Guidance for finding the location: see above; in the morning Room 307 of the Kruyt (Oost) Building, Padualaan 8, de Uithof; in the afternoon Room 112 of the Buys Ballot building, Princetonplein 5, de Uithof, Utrecht (bus 12 or 12S from centraal station Utrecht).

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