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Research ENTEG Discrete Technology & Production Automation Research Projects

Digital Twin Program

The project is part of the Digital Twin Perspectief Program of NWO-TTW. As such, it is embedded in a larger program, and the description of the program is relevant. The summary of the program is given as follows:

“The development of reliable and agile digital twins of physical high-tech systems and materials is key to enabling shorter time-to-market, zero-defect & flexible manufacturing systems with accurate predictive maintenance. This crucial development is currently hampered by the lack of synergy between model-based engineering and data-driven/artificial intelligence approaches. Currently, data analytics approaches are lacking a link to the underlying physics of the high-tech systems and materials, which disqualifies them for real-time decision making"

DIGITAL TWIN will develop a smart and flexible value chain of high-tech systems and materials by the integration of data-driven learning approaches and model-based engineering methods

In this subproject, we use a network approach to focus on various connected subsystems (e.g., parts of the production process or various steps in chemical processes) represented by a network of submodels. We will focus on the development of reduced models of networks with nonlinear submodels and heterogeneous systems

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