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Fabrication and study of mechanoluminiscent materials by coupling CsPblBr3 perovskite QDs and piezoelectric materials

The general objective of this project is to study the coupling between piezoelectric and photoluminescent materials to fabricate new mechanoluminescent materials with high efficiency. ZnO piezoelectric thin films will be synthesized and CsPbBr3 Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) will be deposited on the thin film to obtain a new multi-layering system. The piezo-photonic properties of the material will be studied under mechanical stimulus.

Key objectives

1. Synthesis of piezoelectric ZnO thin films and their piezoelectric characterization.

2. Coupling of piezoelectric ZnO with photoluminescent PQDs. This coupling will be achieved by spraying a previously generated solution of CsPbBr3 QDs in the ZnO thin films.

3. Analysis and photoluminescent characterization of ZnO:PQDs samples under mechanical stimulus.

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