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Research Department of Sociology Education of researchers Research Master

Set up of the programme

Each student has a personal supervisor, who is a top researcher in one of the domains that is covered by the Research Master's programme. The supervisor matches the student’s specialization and interests and provides guidance and support in order to aid the student in making programme and career choices.

Students are versed in empirical research guided by theory. The study provides extensive training in sociological theories, problem-driven integration of theory and empirical research, model building and a focus on core sociological topics such as: organizations, stratification, inequality and households, social capital and networks, cohesion and integration, and youth studies.

Students obtain in-depth and practical training in the most advanced statistical methods available, including courses on: multilevel modelling, social network analysis, survival and event history analysis, applied statistics, structural equation modelling and repeated measures.

Students also learn to write research articles, reports and proposals, including a course on how to write in English. Students from previous cohorts have published articles in top academic journals, participated in international research networks and received high-level research subsidies.

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