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Research Center for Language and Cognition LANSPAN colloquia

LANSPAN lectures 2021


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27 January

Elke Peters (University of Leuven) - Turn on the TV and boost your language skills! Learning vocabulary through watching TV

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24 February

Nathan Vandeweerd (UC Louvain) - The development of phraseological complexity across oral and written modes in L2 French

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7 April

Prof. Masatoshi Sato (Universidad Andrés Bello) - Learner Psychology and Interaction in the Classroom: A Series of Experiments

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Learner Psychology and Interaction in the Classroom: A Series of Experiments, Prof. Masatoshi Sato (Universidad Andrés Bello)

Second language (L2) learners bring in their unique psychological individual differences to the classroom (trait-like constructs). Also, learner psychology may fluctuate during a long (e.g., a semester) and/or short (e.g., a task) period of time (state-like constructs). Theoretically, we do not know much about how those psychological traits and states relate to instructed second language acquisition (ISLA). Pedagogically, learner psychology is a primary concern for many L2 teachers (e.g., silent learners, unmotivated learners, non-collaborative learners, etc.). In this talk, I will zero in on interaction between learners in relation to learner psychology. Drawing on the affective-social-cognitive (ASC) model, I will discuss a series of experiments from my past and on-going research, including L2 motivation, willingness to communicate, mindsets, interaction mindsets, and collaborative learning. I will conclude with ideas for future research combining learner psychology and ISLA agendas.

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