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Exchange Programme with Osaka University

In October 2002 the University of Groningen made an Exchange agreement with Osaka University. The academic year in Japan starts in April, the second semester in October. Deadlines for application are Februari 1st and October 1st. For the second semester of the Japanese academic year, there are 4 places for UG students.

There are 3 options. One can apply for one of them:

1.  OUSSEP, Osaka University Short-term Student Exchange Program.
2.  Regular Exchange Course
3.  Regular Research Course


The OUSSEP is an English program offered to foreign students. Teachers from divers faculties give lectures. This program takes one academic year: from September to August (note: this is different from the normal academic year in Japan).

2.  Regular Exchange Course

Students of universities with which Osaka University cooperate, can apply for a place in Regular Exchange Course. Students will be placed in a specific faculty, graduate school or a research institution and follow the education with Japanese students. There are more choices in the topics one can study compare to OUSSEP, however, there are limitations as well. Most of the faculties (especially the Faculty of Arts) offer the courses only in Japanese.

3.  Regular Research Course

Postgraduate students may participate in an Regular Research Course in Osaka University and they may be allowed to carry on their research in English (however, some faculties such as Letters require high level Japanese skills). Within the University of Groningen there are several indivisual research contacts with Osaka University. They could be an important starting point to be able to apply for a Regular Research Course. When there is an invitation for one of the graduate schools or research institutions in Osaka, the chance that the student will be accepted will become higher. The University of Osaka invites especially students in the technical science.

NB: Interested students should apply via  multi-faculty exchange, at het international office of their own Faculty , before February 1, 2014.

Check the following website:

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