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Research Centre for Religious Studies Research Departments Comparative Study of Religion

Staff and PhD students


prof. dr. J.K. (Hanneke) Muthert
Professor Psychology of Religion with special attention for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing


dr. B.E. (Brenda) BartelinkSenior researcher / Assistant Professor
P. (Peter) Berger, DrAssociate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion
prof. dr. M.W. (Marjo) BuitelaarProfessor of Contemporary Islam
dr. K.E. (Kim) KnibbeAssociate Professor Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
J. (Julia) Martínez-Ariño, DrAssistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
dr. B.M.H.P. (Brenda) MathijssenAssistant Professor of Psychology, Culture and Religion
E. (Elena) Mucciarelli, DrAssistant Professor for Hinduism in the Sanskrit Tradition - Gonda Lecturer
dr. T. (Tina) OttenAssistant Professor
C.K.M. (Kocku) von Stuckrad, Prof DrProfessor of Religious Studies
J. (Joram) Tarusarira, DrAssistant Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding
dr. A. (Anja) Visser-NieraethAssistant Professor Spiritual Care
dr. J.O. (Jelle) Wieringpostdoctoral researcher
prof. dr. T.H. (Hetty) ZockProfessor of Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the domain of Spiritual Care (Special chair of the KSGV, Study Centre for Religion and Mental Health, sponsored by the VVP, Association of Dutch Liberal Protestants)

PhD students

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