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Secularism and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Germany
Secularism and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Prof.Dr. Todd Weir

  • Todd Weir, Secularism and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Germany: The Rise of the Fourth Confession (Cambridge University Press, New York, 2014).
  • Todd Weir, “Hitler’s Worldview and the Interwar Kulturkampf”, Journal of Contemporary History (accepted, forthcoming)
  • Todd Weir, “The Christian Front against Godlessness: Anti-secularism and the demise of the Weimar Republic 1928 to 1933” Past and Present, (November 2015), pp. 201-238.
  • Todd Weir, “Germany and the New Global History of Secularism: Questioning the Postcolonial Genealogy” Germanic Review 90:1 (April 2015), pp. 6-20. (A shorter version appeared in SSRC blog “The Immanent Frame”)
  • Todd Weir, “A European Culture War in the Twentieth Century? Anticatholicism and Antibolshevism between Moscow, Berlin, and Rome 1922 to 1933” in Journal of Religious History 39: 2 (June 2015) pp. 280–306.

Dr. Mathilde van Dijk

  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘Power of communities: the daily practice of holiness by the Sisters of the Common Life at Deventer, Everyday life and the sacred: Re/configuring gender studies in religion, Angela Berlis, Annemarie Korte and Kune Biezeveld ed. (Leiden 2017), 195-217.
  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘Honden, vee en vogels en dan nog de kat : Dieren in biografieën uit de Moderne Devotie’, Deventer Jaarboek 30 (2016), 6-18.
  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘Working with Tradition, Aiming for Reform: Dorlandus’s Perspective on Hagiography’, Church History and Religious Culture 96/1-12 (2016), pp. 106-129
  • Freek Bakker, Leo van der Tuin, Mathilde van Dijk and Marjet Verbeek ed., Blessed are the eyes that catch divine whispering. Silence and Religion in Film (Marburg, 2015).
  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘Female Leadership and Authority in the Sisterbook of Diepenveen’, Mulieres religiosae: Shaping Female Spiritual Authority in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, ed. by Veerle Fraeters and Imke de Gier, ES 12 (Turnhout 2014), pp. 243–264
  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘‘Performing the Fathers in the Devotio Moderna’, Die Devotio Moderna: Sozialer und Kultureller Transfer (1350-1580), Iris Kwiatowski and Jörg Engelbrecht ed. (Münster, 2013), 227-244.
  • Mathilde van Dijk, ‘Virgin, Mother, Monster. Images of Female Subjectivity in the Alien’, Feministische Theologie in Europa-mehr als ein Halbes Leben: ein Lesebuch für Hedwig Meyer Wilmes; Feminist Theology in Europe More than half a Life A reader in honour of Hedwig Meyer-Wilmes, Elzbieta Adamiak and Marie-Theres Wacker ed. (Berlin 2013), 247-261.
  • Mathilde van Dijk and Mirjam de Baar ed., Herinnering en identiteit in het vrijzinnig protestantisme (Hilversum, 2009).

Dr. Andrew J. M. Irving

  • Andrew J. M. Irving, "On the Counting of Mass Books." Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft 57 (2015): 24-48.
  • Andrew J. M. Irving, "Processions at the Crossroads: Falco Beneventanus and the Description of Processions in Twelfth-Century Benevento." In Prozessionen und Gesänge in der Mittelalterlichen Stadt. Ed. Harald Buchinger, David Hiley, Sabine Reichert. Forum Mittelalter Studien 13. Schnell & Steiner, 2017 (in press)
  • Andrew J. M. Irving, "(Not) Identifying a Desiderian Evangelistary Fragment. BAV, Vat. lat. 10644, f. 28r-31v." Scriptorium 66 (2012): 109-155.
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