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Waarom Nederlanders geen taboes rondom seksualiteit moeten willen doorbreken

Date:26 January 2017
Author:Roos Feringa
In de afgelopen zes jaar zijn Seksuele Gezondheid en Rechten (SRGR) een speerpunt geweest in het ontwikkelingsbeleid. Zo noemde Minister PloumenNederland een voortrekker in het doorbreken van taboes rondom seksualiteit en gender. Deze week nog nam Minister Ploumen stelling in tegen het besluit van President Trump om de Global Gag Rule opnieuw in werking te laten treden.

Can Religion Promote Reconciliation in Zimbabwe?

Date:21 December 2016
Author:Roos Feringa

Zimbabwe still struggles to cope in the aftermath of the economic and political violence of the early to mid-2000s. To many observers, Zimbabwe remains a divided and undemocratic ‘failed state’. In today’s post, Gladys Ganiel reviews a new book by Joram...

Review ‘Reconciliation and Religio-political Non-conformism in Zimbabwe’

Date:21 December 2016
Author:Roos Feringa
The day before Christmas we will conclude our series on Joram Tarusarira’s new book ‘Reconciliation and Religio-political Non-conformism in Zimbabwe’ (read the previous review here) with yet another review written by Vlado Kmec. Vlado currently works at the University of Cambridge and is a fellow of the CRCPD. He offers expertise to the Centre in religion and migration; religion in conflict and peacebuilding; ethnic and religious conflicts; religion and international relations; mediation and negotiation; the United Nations peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and the EU Common Security and Defence Policy.

Reconciliation and Religio-political non-conformism in Zimbabwe

Date:20 December 2016
Author:Roos Feringa
Earlier this year, Joram Tarusarira published his important book that analyses religious actors and identifies a specific form of engagement that they display in contexts of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Joram Tarisarira is a lecturer in Religion and Conflict and Deputy Director of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Groningen.In today’s post, the author provides a summary of the main insights from the book.

Stories about HIV/AIDS and Religion

Date:26 February 2013
Author:Kim Knibbe
Is HIV/AIDS mainly a medical problem, a spiritual problem, a political problem or all of the above? The answer to this question determines to a very large extent how people and organizations deal with HIV/AIDS.

Religion, AIDS and Africa

Date:01 December 2012
Author:Kim Knibbe
December 12th, AIDS activist and religious leader rev canon Gideon Byamugisha will give a public lecture in Groningen, starting off the conference “Biographies in Times of Crisis:Exploring Religious Narratives of AIDS in Africa and the African Diaspora”.

Gay Rights, the Devil and the End Times: Part Two

Date:11 November 2012
Author:Tim Swanger

In Part One of this post, Adriaan van Klinken described the Zambian case of how Ban Ki-moon’s recent call to recognise the human rights of homosexuals was interpreted according to a millennialist worldview, characteristic for Zambian Christianity. In this...

Gay Rights, the Devil and the End Times: Part One

Date:09 November 2012
Author:Tim Swanger
Homosexuality is one of the major political issues in our contemporary world. Especially African countries are getting known for their massive public and political rejection of same-sex relationships and “gay rights”. Frequently in the media we hear, for example, about new, stricter legislation on same-sex practices, about people arrested and jailed because of homosexuality-related offences and about the murder of gay-right activists.