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Young women wearing the fleur de lys, a symbol of Quebec. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz.

Legislative Catharsis, Part One: A Primer on Québec’s Veil Bans for Europeans

Date:22 May 2019
Author:Muhammad Velji
The Canadian province of Québec is currently debating Bill 21, “an Act respecting the laicity [secularity] of the State," which would ban certain public officials from performing their duties while wearing religious symbols (and would require those seeking public services to do so with their faces "uncovered.") Although it has been widely criticized as an attack on Québec's Muslim population, the Bill retains significant public support. In this two-part primer, philosopher Muhammad Velji explains how such "veil bans" came to be thinkable in contemporary Canada, starting with the "Quiet Revolution" of the 1960s.

Turkey and Religion; included or excluded in the EU?

Date:30 March 2013

Today’s post shows Ella Sebamalai’s reflection on Turkey’s accession to the EU. On the one hand she reflects on religion and  secularism as part of the public debate, on the other hand she also illustrates the consequences of specific perceptions.

Antisemitisme Nederlandse Moslimjongeren; Sociaal Probleem

Date:28 March 2013

In de post van vandaag bespreekt dr. Marjo Buitelaar het sociale probleem van antisemitisime onder Nederlandse Moslimjongeren. Daarin bespreekt zij zogenaamde oorzaken en de misperceptie daarvan door, onder andere, de media.