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Spiritual Hierarchy of Being: The Embodied-Cognitive Perspective

Date:31 January 2022
Author:Gorazd AndrejĨ & Olivier van Baars
Have you ever wondered why gods and angels are ‘above’, while devils and demons are ‘below’? And, why ‘stooping low’ and ‘falling’ are metaphors for something morally or spiritually bad, while doing something ‘uplifting’ and ‘rising to the occasion’ are good? 
Picture by Gayatri Malhotra

Why does Catholicism matter to reproductive technologies in Argentina?

Date:10 January 2022
Author:Ana Lucía Olmos Álvarez, María Cecilia Johnson & Victoria Sotelo

The Catholic Church is a global actor that still matters when sexuality and reproduction are at stake, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) are not an exception.

Multifaith groups dedicated to challenging climate change are on the rise. Takver/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Religious communities can make the difference in winning the fight against climate change

Date:13 December 2021
Author:Tobias Müller & Esra Özyürek

The threat of climate change signals a “code red for humanity”, and we are running out of time to transition away from carbon and prevent catastrophic planetary warming. Our best chance is to convince existing organisations with financial, political and...

Meaning on Monday

Spiegeltje, spiegeltje aan de wand, wie is het rijk aan zin in ’t land?

Date:29 November 2021

Onlangs was ik te gast bij zorgboerderij Refaja in Drenthe. Aanleiding was de 70 ste verjaardag van Harm, een van de medewerkers. Als cadeau krijgt hij van zorgboer Freek een podcast met verhalen over zijn leven en werk. Werk en zingeving is daarbij een...

Picture by Gayatri Malhotra

Reproductive Rights and Religion in the Netherlands

Date:24 November 2021
Author:Jelle Wiering

For me, a cultural anthropologist working on the entanglements of religion, secularity and sexuality, the term ‘reproductive rights’ evokes associations with internationally-operating NGOs. The people working for NGOs that I met in my fieldwork drew on a...

The Religion Factor has changed! 

Date:22 November 2021
The Religion Factor The Centre for Religion, Conflict and Globalization is thrilled to announce the new format of The Religion Factor blog. From now on, the content will be organized in curated thematic series to facilitate your engagement and promote debate.
Meaning on Monday

De kracht van verbinding

Date:01 November 2021

Antwoorden op die vraag worden vaak verpakt in verhalen. Voor Dirk de Wachter is verbinding een kernthema.

Energy wind park. Photo: RUG. 

Values in Landscape Transition

Date:30 September 2021
Author:Bertien Martens
With climate change being one of the main hot topics of this day, there is an increasing sense among the Dutch public that something needs to be done in order to put a halt to this change.
Religion in Prison (Springer, 2020)

Religion in Prison: An Overview of Contemporary Europe

Date:06 September 2021
Author:Dr. Julia Martínez-Ariño
In this post, Dr. Julia Martínez-Ariño presents the book she edited with Dr. Anne-Laure Zwilling on "Religion in Prisons: An Overview of Contemporary Europe" (Springer, 2020).