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How “Modern” are We? Religion, Secularism, and Multiple Modernities in Europe

Date:28 July 2014
Author:Religion Factor
On 13 June 2014, esteemed sociologist of religion Professor Jose Casanova received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Groningen. During his visit, the Faculty hosted a roundtable discussion on conceptions of religion, secularism and modernity in contemporary European identity, raising questions over exactly what it means to be “modern”, “secular”, “religious” and “European”.

The Human Face of Climate Change

Date:21 July 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Climate change continues to be one of the most controversial global issues of our time, with debates ranging from the best ways to respond to the challenges of climate change, especially for those who are most vulnerable to its effects, to whether it is even happening at all and who is responsible.

ISIS’ Caliphate and Intra-jihadist Struggles for Authority

Date:08 July 2014
Author:Religion Factor
On Sunday 29 June, the first day of Ramadan 2014, ISIS announced the restoration of the caliphate. From now on, its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is “the caliph for Muslims everywhere”, the message states, adding that the name of the organisation, The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, becomes simply The Islamic State.

The Religious/Secular Divide and the Global Displacement Crisis

Date:20 June 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Today is World Refugee Day and if the numbers released by the UNHCR today tell us anything, more action and new approaches are urgently needed to address the needs of the rapidly growing globally displaced population.

Ways of Life and Freedom of Religion

Date:11 June 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Religious Freedom is rapidly becoming a high priority issue in the EU and elsewhere. In today’s post, Frank Ubachs explores some of these developments, particularly in relation to the Netherlands...

A Matter of Conscience? Abortion Access and Conscientious Objection in the European Union

Date:20 May 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Religious freedom is becoming an increasingly significant issue in the European Union. Last year saw the adoption of the EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief, and governments such as the Netherlands, the UK, France and Germany are placing renewed emphasis on religious freedom in their foreign policy.

The UN Refugee Convention 60 Years On – Time to Rethink Approaches to Protection?

Date:25 April 2014
Author:Religion Factor
This week marks the 60thanniversary of the coming into force of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Much has changed since the Convention was initially drafted, signed and ratified by states.

Believing and Belonging

Date:23 April 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Next week, Professor Simon Glendinning from the London School of Economics will give a talk on “Derrida and the Question of Religion Today” as part of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain Seminar Series.

‘The Passion’: RTL Boulevard-versie van het lijdensverhaal

Date:18 April 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Door de straten in Groningen trekt vanavond een lichtend wit kruis, en de binnenstad verandert even in Jeruzalem. The Passion is neergestreken in de stad. Wat heeft het nog te maken met het Bijbelse lijdensverhaal van Christus? Van Justin Kroesen & Birgit van der Lans.

“Culture” or “religion”? Understanding the popularity of the Passion

Date:17 April 2014
Author:Religion Factor
The Passion comes to Groningen in 2014. A hugely popular event, it raises many questions at the same time. Is it a form of religion reasserting itself in the public sphere? Is it a purely cultural event, as some commentators suggest?