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Understanding Evil, Encouraging Forgiveness: Lessons from Rwanda 20 years on

Date:07 April 2014
Author:Religion Factor

Today marks the 20thanniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. Both then and now, the international community had many unanswered questions about how the genocide occurred and how the evil that was perpetrated could have happened. In today’s...

A secular saint? The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Date:09 December 2013
Author:Religion Factor

The inevitable moment of Nelson “Madiba” Mandela’s departure from this world came last Thursday evening, 5 December. Given that he had been so frail for some time, his death was not unexpected, yet that does not lessen the impact of his loss. As South...

Be Welcome: Lessons in Hospitality from Victor Hugo and Monseigneur Bienvenu Part Two

Date:24 January 2013
Author:Religion Factor
Following on from Tuesday’s post, Erin Wilson writes more on how the faithful hospitality of Victor Hugo’s character Monseigneur Bienvenu from Les Miserables can contribute to contemporary political issues, in particular statelessness and migration.

Be Welcome: Lessons in Hospitality from Victor Hugo and Monseigneur Bienvenu Part One

Date:22 January 2013
Author:Religion Factor
Erin Wilson reflects on the religious themes present within Les Miserables and how they speak to contemporary political issues. My husband and I went to see the latest film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables over the weekend.

Moving Beyond Reason vs Faith: Part One

Date:29 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor
Following on from Lea Schulte-Droesch’s piece on the interconnections between culture and environment at the local level, Erin Wilson offers some reflections on the role of religion in the global climate change discussions and suggests that maybe we need to stop seeing science and faith as diametrically opposed.

Change the language, change the story? Part Two

Date:23 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor
In today’s post, Erin Wilson continues her reflections on shifting the way we think and talk about conflict and peace. In part one, I outlined some ways in which contemporary discussion on peace and conflict analysis is affected and arguably limited by thinking in narrow either/or terms and the language we use to talk about conflict. Here I want to offer a few possibilities for rethinking some of these issues.

The Religion Factor: A missing link in Migration Studies? Part two

Date:08 October 2012
Author:Tyler Tully

In the previous post  Geertje den Oudsten shared with us her experience at a Summer School on Migration in Greek this summer and challenged the idea that religion can only be used as a classifactory concept in Migration Studies. Today part two.

The Religion Factor: A missing link in Migration Studies? Part One

Date:04 October 2012
Author:Tyler Tully
This summer I was very happy to be able to attend a Summer School named ‘Cultures, Migrations, Borders’ on the Greek island of Lesvos. The programme aimed at MA students and PhDs from different fields, and although there were no lecturers nor any other students with a Religious Studies background, I assumed the subject of religion would have a place in the programme.

The Life and Work of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Date:26 September 2012
Author:Religion Factor
On Monday 24 September, 2012, the University of Groningen awarded Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu with an honorary doctorate. His honorary promoter, Professor Dr Geurt-Henk van Kooten, Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, gave a stirring address in which he highlighed Tutu’s amazing achievements, particularly in the context of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.