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The Religious/Secular Divide and the Global Displacement Crisis

Date:20 June 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Today is World Refugee Day and if the numbers released by the UNHCR today tell us anything, more action and new approaches are urgently needed to address the needs of the rapidly growing globally displaced population.

Religion and the Ukraine Crisis: Four Key Questions

Date:06 March 2014
Author:Religion Factor
As the eyes of the world continue to focus on the crisis unfolding in the Ukraine, images are emerging from the conflict of religious leaders providing inspiration and blessing to participants from all sides of the conflict.

Race and the study of religion: ’West’ and ‘East’, or White and non-White?

Date:18 December 2013
Author:Religion Factor

The Religion Factor post on 28 November 2013 – Religion and International Relations (IR) Theory  -posed a challenge to IR scholars to be more self-reflexive in their understanding of religion and secularism. Such self-reflexive thought challenges dominant...

Religion and International Relations Theory

Date:28 November 2013
Author:Religion Factor

On Tuesday 26 November 2013, NGIZ Noord and the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies in Groningen co-hosted an evening devoted to a discussion of dominant approaches to religion in the study...