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Did the Netherlands halt populism? Political pluralism, religious diversity and the spirit of accommodation in 21st century Dutch politics

Date:24 March 2017
Author:Sanne Hupkes
Today’s post is the second article on the Dutch elections that were held last week written by Sanne Hupkes, this time a reaction to the results of the elections and the conclusions drawn from those by some Dutch politicians. Has populism actually been ‘halted’, as some claim? And is there something like ‘the wrong kind of populism’?

The quarter finals against populism: national identity in the Dutch elections

Date:15 March 2017
Author:Roos Feringa
Renée van der Harst – Wagenvoorde has written an analysis of the campaigning period and how it differs from previous years of the Dutch parliamental elections that will take place on the 15th of March. Renée is a postdoctoral research fellow and the funding officer of the Centre of Religion and the Public Domain.