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Terrorism, climate change and the politics of ‘radicalization’

Date:11 December 2015
Author:Religion Factor
Radicalization’ is becoming an increasingly common word in contemporary politics and public discourse. Yet it crops up in seemingly unrelated contexts, most recently in Paris, in relation to both terrorism and climate change. This raises a number of questions about what or who radicalization actually refers to. Erin Wilson reflects on these ambivalent dimensions of ‘radicalization’ in today’s post.

The Human Face of Climate Change

Date:21 July 2014
Author:Religion Factor
Climate change continues to be one of the most controversial global issues of our time, with debates ranging from the best ways to respond to the challenges of climate change, especially for those who are most vulnerable to its effects, to whether it is even happening at all and who is responsible.

Moving Beyond Reason vs Faith: Part Two

Date:30 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor

Today’s post features the second instalment from Erin Wilson on the place of religion in the climate change debate. 

Moving Beyond Reason vs Faith: Part One

Date:29 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor
Following on from Lea Schulte-Droesch’s piece on the interconnections between culture and environment at the local level, Erin Wilson offers some reflections on the role of religion in the global climate change discussions and suggests that maybe we need to stop seeing science and faith as diametrically opposed.

On similarities and differences in cultural perceptions of the environment

Date:27 November 2012
Author:Tim Swanger
This week, The Religion Factor holds a theme week on Religion and Climate Change, to pay attention to the 18th conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar. Today’s contribution is by Lea Schulte-Droesch.