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CRCPD’s public lecture by Prof. John Paul Lederach – ‘Mobilizing the moral imagination’

Date:30 November 2016
Author:Religion Factor
Tomorrow, 1st of December, Professor John Paul Lederach will, in a lecture organised by The Centre of Religion and Conflict in the Public Domain, talk about ‘Mobilizing the moral imagination: Religion in the landscape of fragmentation’. Join us for the lecture and the discussion with great panel of expert respondents: dr. Michelle Parlevliet, specialist in Conflict Resolution and Governance at UVA, Fulco van Deventer, director at the Human Security Collective in the Hague and Simone Filippini, previous CEO and current advisor at Cordaid.

Trouw loopt achter?

Date:25 January 2013
Author:Kim Knibbe
Afgelopen week verscheen er een artikel in Trouw (helaas niet publiek toegankelijk, hier een samenvatting van het bericht), waar de journaliste claimt dat de religiewetenschap een belangrijk onderzoeksveld laat liggen: de opkomst van nieuwe spiritualiteit.

Religion, AIDS and Africa

Date:01 December 2012
Author:Kim Knibbe
December 12th, AIDS activist and religious leader rev canon Gideon Byamugisha will give a public lecture in Groningen, starting off the conference “Biographies in Times of Crisis:Exploring Religious Narratives of AIDS in Africa and the African Diaspora”.

Moving Beyond Reason vs Faith: Part Two

Date:30 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor

Today’s post features the second instalment from Erin Wilson on the place of religion in the climate change debate. 

Change the language, change the story? Part Two

Date:23 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor
In today’s post, Erin Wilson continues her reflections on shifting the way we think and talk about conflict and peace. In part one, I outlined some ways in which contemporary discussion on peace and conflict analysis is affected and arguably limited by thinking in narrow either/or terms and the language we use to talk about conflict. Here I want to offer a few possibilities for rethinking some of these issues.

Change the language, change the story? Part One

Date:22 November 2012
Author:Religion Factor
Following last night’s ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Erin Wilson considers whether the chances for lasting peace might be increased by changing how we think and talk about conflict and peace.

Concealed Knowledge: Gnosticism, Esoterism, Mysticism

Date:20 November 2012
Author:Tyler Tully
This week, The Religion Factor will offer some attention to the Master Programs in Religious Studies that are offered at our faculty. The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies in Groningen offers six unique Master’s degree programmes that concentrate on the dynamic interrelationship between religion and culture. Emeera Matthews, from the United States, is the first to share her experiences with us.

Transnational faith based development and the post secular experiment

Date:18 October 2012
Author:Religion Factor
In her blog-post on the Religion Factor, Cecelia Lynch discusses FBOs in the context of the neoliberal competition on the ‘market’ of international development. In my work on and with development FBOs in the Netherlands I see this illustrated.

Polarization of the anti-Islam film debate: undoing the Arab Spring? Part Two

Date:21 September 2012
Author:Religion Factor

Alongside the ideologically-driven agenda of the anti-Islam films that we explored in Part One, we should also not underestimate the political nature of the production and release of this film just before the 11th anniversary of 9/11 as well as before the...

Protestors in Egypt during the Arab Spring. Photograph: Thomas van Gool

Polarization of the anti-Islam film debate: Undoing the Arab Spring? Part One

Date:19 September 2012
Author:Religion Factor

Over the last few days, international news coverage has been largely dominated by reports on protests across the world against a film that protestors claim is a direct insult to the prophet Muhammed.  The protests started with the storming of the American...