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NVBMB symposium


2017 NVBMB symposium

G-protein and kinase signaling in Disease

Date: June 19 2017

Location: University of Groningen, Energy building, Nijenborgh 6, Groningen

Preliminary program

10.30 Registration, coffee

11.00 Welcome

11.20 Dr. Fritz Herberg , University of Kassel, "Functional implications of disease-related kinase mutations"

11.50 Dr. Holger Rehmann , University Medical Centrum Utrecht, “cAMP, small G-proteins and maybe more”

12.20   Dr. Alfred Wittinghofer , MPI Dortmund, "Regulation of cargo sorting by the Arf-related proteins Arl2/3"

12.50  Lunch

13.50   Dr. Peter van Haastert , University of Groningen, "Historic perspectives of Roco proteins"

14.20   Dr. Wim Versees , Free University of Brussels, “New insights in the nucleotide-dependent conformational cycle of the Roc-COR module”

14.50   Dr. Hardy Rideout, Biomedical Research Foundation, Athens, " The kinase activity of mutant LRRK2 manifests differently in heterodimeric vs homodimeric complexes"

15.20   Coffee/Tea

15.45   Dr. Christian Ottmann , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, "Small-molecule stabilization of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions"

16.15   Dr. Johannes Gloeckner, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases Tübingen, “Functional analysis of the PD-drug target LRRK2  -- lessons from biochemistry combined with structural modelling”

16.45   Dr. Arjan Kortholt, University of Groningen, " Biochemical and structural characterization of the Roco family of proteins"

17.15   Closing remarks and reception

Participation is free, please register (lunch!) at

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