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University Medical Center Groningen

Research projects


On this page you will find ongoing research projects.


Galectin-3 and fibrosis in heart failure

Contact persons: Rudolf de Boer & Herman Silljé

Our laboratory has a world leading research line in galetin-3, a pro-fibrotic protein that is strongly related in the progression of heart failure. We aim to prepare galectin-3 as a therapeutic target in heart failure. We work preclinical (cell culture, laboratory animal research) and clinical (biomarker studies in patients with heart failure). Opportunities include drug development, advanced cardiac imaging and ex vivo assessment of fibrosis. Much of the work is in collaboration with the European Heart Failure Association (HFA).


Novel pathways in HFpEF

Contact persons: Rudolf de Boer & Carolyn S. Lam

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is the largest clinical challenge in modern heart failure research. We aim to study new insight in this deadly disease employing several models of HFpEF , in collaboration with Prof. Lam from Singapore, now a  Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the UMCG and a world expert in this field. Opportunities include drug development and biomarker development in a strong international network.


Cardiac regenerative medicine

Contact person: Peter van der Meer

This project involves state-of-the-art research on embryonic stem cell derived cardiac progenitors and their role in the failing heart. This study will focus on the exogenous and endogenous repair of the heart. There is a close collaboration with the Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Opportunities include development of novel cardiac progenitors, application of these cells in cardiac repair and developing a bioengineering platform to optimize cell-delivery.


Protein misfolding in cardiomyopathy

Contact person: Rudolf de Boer

Cardiomyopathies are inheritable forms of heart disease, with varying age of onset and severity. In a National consortium from the Netherlands Heart Foundation (CVON-DOSIS), we study environmental factors that may provoke the onset of such disease. Opportunities include to study gene-environment interaction, advanced –omics analyses, advanced cardiac imaging and drug development.

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