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Research Bernoulli Institute

Jorge Perez (Computer Science, Fundamental Computing) wins NWO VIDI and TOP grants

01 June 2018

The projects of Dr. Jorge Perez "Unifying Correctness for Communicating Software" and "Advanced Structures for Correct Communicating Software" were awarded an NWO VIDI and NWO TOP grants respectively.

"Unifying Correctness for Communicating Software" focuses on discovering and validating in practice the fundamental connections between the different programming techniques that help developers to produce error-free communicating software.

"Advanced Structures for Correct Communicating Software" aims to deliver a rigorous, comprehensive description of how distinct behavioral type systems for concurrency relate to each other. By reconciling their currently disparate foundations into a mature body of knowledge, ACCESS will provide a long-lasting reference for behavioral type systems.

More information is available in the following links:

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