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Research Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Education PhD Training Programme

Research Related and Academic Activities (C):

Several activities will be rewarded with EC's, see list below.

Credits Maximum1 remarks
Workshops/Master classes/Summer school Credits depend on time and literature (28 hrs per EC)
Seminars/Journal clubs 0.1/seminar or JC 2 EC
Presenting data at international conferences (orally and poster) 0.5/conf #
Invited lecture outside institute 0.5/conf # 6 EC max 6 EC in total for the items with #
Prize for best abstract/poster/presentation 0.5/conf #
Granted project proposal – 1st author:
< 10,000 Euro
10,000 <> 30,000 Euro
> 30,000 Euro

0.5 EC
1 EC
Supervised reviewing of manuscripts (2) 1 EC/2 ms 3 EC
Research stay abroad (minimum 2 weeks) 4 EC Depending on time invested (28 hrs per EC)
Stay in Dutch lab 4 EC Is granted only in very special occasions. Prior to the visit to the Dutch lab, the supervisor and PhD student must - with arguments - appeal for granting with the PhD education committee of the Research institute.
Other academic activities
GSMS PhD council 1 EC/yr ~
GSMS educational committee 1 EC/yr ~ 6 EC max 6 EC in total for the items with ~
Research Institute’s PhD councils 1 EC/yr ~
Organisation of scientific meeting (symposium/ conference) 1 EC/conference ~
Teaching/Student supervision
Tutor/mentor *
Lecture++ * 4 EC max 4 EC in total for the items with *
Coach master scientific thesis *


  • 1 Maximum EC for full time 4 years PhD students, 3 and 2 years students accordingly less
  • ++ Teaching can be for students at university level
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