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Research Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Education PhD Training Programme

BCN Awards & Hall of Fame

BCN Dissertation Award

BCN awards the best BCN dissertation of every Academic Year. The nomination for this award will be done by the promotor(es). A small committee, with representatives of the faculties involved in BCN, evaluates the nominated thesis on these criteria:
-scientific quality
-representation of core elements of BCN; multidisciplinary topic/team/output with collaboration between BCN faculties
-originality, innovation and ‘societal impact’
-personal input of the PhD student in the research project.

BCN's hall of fame: Winners BCN Dissertation Award

Michael Josef Wolff (2020-2021) “Pinging the brain to reveal hidden working memory states”

Renske Lok (2020-2021) “Grasping light: Mental and physiological responses to illumination”

Runners up: Malte Borggrewe, Elouise Koops

Joana De Oliveira Carvalho (2019-2020) “Plasticity of visual field representations”

Runners up: Daniël Reijntjes, Anne Richter

Danique Vlaskamp (2018-2019)  "Genotyping and phenotyping epilepsies of childhood"

Runners up: Berry van den Berg, Stefan Knapen

Alain Dekker (2017-2018) "Down & Alzheimer. Behavioural biomarkers of a forced marriage"

Runners up: Mirte Mebius, Dafne Piersma

Megan Laturney (2016-2017) "The second sex. Functions and mechanisms of sperm manipulation in female Drosophila melanogaster"

Runners up: Burcu Arslan, Dennis van der Meer

Sanne Booij (2015-2016) "Dynamics of the human stress system in depressio. A combined population- and person-based approach to assess long-term changes and daily life fluctuations"

Runners up: Inge Holtman, Kasmiri Stec

Amarins Heeringa (2014-2015) "On sound and silence. Neurophysiological and behavioral consequences of acoustic trauma"

Runners up: Federica Calcagnoli, Marrit Hitzert

Linda Geerligs (2013-2014) "Images of healthy aging: functional brain networks and selective attention"

Runners up: Anselm Fürmaier, Odilia Laceulle, Stefan Wierda

Koen Haak (2012-2013) "Computational neuroimaging of visual field loss"

Runners up: Esther Opmeer, Reunhardt Rössler, Elise Verhagen

Jelmer Borst (2011-2012) "The problem state bottleneck"

Runners up: Cagri Coltekin, Karin Janssens, Vera Munde

Falak Sher (2010-2011) "Differentiation of neural stem cells into oligodendrocytes. Epigenetic mechanisms & potential applications in multiple sclerosis"

Runners up: Gretha Boersma, Sandra Bouwhuis, Roelina Hagewoud

Ivica Granic (2009-2010) "Neurodegenerative mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease"

Runners up: Ans Vercammen, Cris Lanting, Yvonne Groen

Wilma van den Wassenberg (2008-2009) "Multichannel EEG. Towards applications in clinical neurology"

Runners up: Marit Tanke, Aline Vrieling

Valeria Gazzola (2007-2008) “Action in the Brain

Runners up: Michael ten Caat, Eiko de Jong,

Hiske van Duinen (2006-2007) “The interaction between motor fatigues and cognitive task performance

Runners up: Liesbeth Ruytjens, Lobke Vaanholt

Karin van der Borght (2005-2006) New neurons in the adult brain

Runners up: Melanie Ruger, Joanna Udo de Haes

Ineke Dijkstra (2004-2005) “Chemokines in Neuroimmunology

Runners up: Nikolaus von Engelhardt, Sabine Hunnius, Simone Reinders

Christel Westenbroek (2003-2004) “Influence of gender and social environment in an animal model of affective disorder

Runners up: Corine Eijsing, Sjoukje Kuipers, Judith Rispens

Claudio Carere (2002-2003) “Personalitiesas Epigenettic Suites of Traits. A study on a passerine bird"

BCN Poster Award

For the 3 best posters presented at the BCN Poster Afternoon. Winners of the Poster Award 2016:
- Florian Sense
- Inge Werkman
- Daniëlle Houwing

BCN Thesis Summary Award

For the best summary of a BCN dissertation of the last Academic Year. Former PhD students are invited to send in a summary.
Winner of the Thesis Summary Award 2014/2015:
- Amarins Heeringa
Title: On Sound and Silence Neurophysiological and behavioral consequences of acoustic trauma

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