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Permanence in diversity

Netherlands Ecological Reserarch on Edgeøya, Spitsbergen

Edited by Nienke Boschman and Louwrens Hacquebord

With this publication, the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen would like to honour Piet Oosterveld as the driving force behind biological research on Edgeø Spitsbergen. Piet Oosterveld invested large amounts of time and energy on this research and he was an inspiration for many students.
Piet Oosterveld initiated the Reindeer Environment Expedition to Edgeø in 1977. The most important product of this expedition, the ecological landscape map, was never published. In the opinion of the editors, this ecological landscape map merits publication. Fortunately one of the expedition members, Prof.dr. I.S. Zonneveld, was willing to revise the article accompanying the map (which is to be found at the back of the book). In this article the results of the ecological survey are presented.
The articles of Arend J. van Dijk and Hester D. Heinemijer also deal with the ornithological and botanical results of the Reindeer Environment Expedition Svalbard. Environment Expedition Svalbard.
The articles of Pim van der Knaap & Jacqueline van Leeuwen and Leo M. Jalink & Marijke Nauta deal with other biological research on Edgeøya initiated by Piet Oosterveld.


  • Louwrens Hacquebord: A life in the service of Arctic Biological Research
  • Ko de Korte Netherlands Spitsbergen Expedition 1968-1969. A winter with polar bears
  • Arend J. van Dijk Birds observed in Edgeøya summer 1977
  • Hester D. Heinemeijer & Arend J. van Dijk Rosenbergdalen, green valley in the barren land of Edgeøya, Spitsbergen
  • W.O. van der Knaap (Pim) and J.F.N. van Leeuwen (Jacqueline) Interplay between peat formation and animal behaviour in the Spitsbergen archipelago, recorded in peat sections
  • Leo M. Jalink and Marijke M. Nauta Mushrooms in Spitsbergen
  • I.S. Zonneveld, M. Lebouille & N. de Nies Landscape ecology ('land unit') map of Edgeøya, Spitsbergen with emphasis on vegetation

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