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A passion for the Pole

Ethological Research in Polar Regions
This volume of Circumpolar Studies is dedicated to Ko de Korte and the scientific part of his activities. The Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen would like to honour him for his scientific his 65th birthday. The contributors to this book belong to a select group of scientists who have worked with Ko de Korte. The contributions demonstrate the many pioneering aspects of Ko's scientific work.

  • Hans Meltofte: BioBasis, a long-term biological monitoring programme at Zackenberg Research Station in high-arctic Northeast Greenland
  • Carlos A. Valle, Tjitte de Vries and Cecilia Hernández: Aerial kleptoparasitism by the Magnificent Frigatebird: Host size selection, social dominance, and aerodynamic constraints
  • Jan Andries van Franeker and Robert Luttik: Colour and size variation in the Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis on Bear Island, Svalbard
  • Rudolf H. Drent and Jouke Prop: Barnacle goose Branta leucopsis survey on Nordenskiöldkysten, west Spitsbergen
  • Louwrens Hacquebord: The little bird and the big whale. 1986-2006
  • Kees Lankester: Twenty years of research on baleen whales in the Antarctic
  • Louis Beyens, Pieter Ledeganck and Ivan Nijs: Testate amoebae in a changing Arctic
  • Ko de Korte: A Passion for the Pole

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