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Mission Statement

Arctic Centre
Arctic Centre

The mission of the Artic Centre, University of Groningen, is to:

  • Conduct primary research into: the functioning of Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems; undertake inter-disciplinary investigation of long-term human-environment relations in these regions, using archaeological, anthropological, historical, biological and geographic approaches; monitor human impacts on polar environments and explore the growing geopolitical significance of these areas for transport, tourism and mineral extraction.
  • Provide education, training and career development opportunities to new generations of polar researchers through provision of specialist undergraduate courses, PhD research programmes and an internship/visiting scholars programme.
  • Undertake public outreach work to inform society about the ecology, environments, cultural and linguistic diversity, archaeology and history of the polar regions, as well as highlight some of the challenges these regions now face due to rapid climate change and other environmental and sociopolitical transformations that are currently underway.
  • Participate actively in national bodies (IPO, CPO, WBPI); represent The Netherlands and Dutch polar researchers on the major international scientific committees, including active research collaborations with the Arctic Council (CAFF, AMAP, SDWG), International Arctic Science Committee and European polar programmes (EU-PolarNet, SIOS, INTERACT II); manage the Netherlands Arctic Station in Spitsbergen; undertake consultancy activities.    
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