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UNESCO Study Privacy and Transparency

Research study on privacy & transparency on internet

The STeP group has carried out a research study on privacy and transparency on the internet, commissioned by UNESCO. The overall objective of the study is to stimulate global research on balancing privacy and transparency within UNESCOs mandate of protecting freedom of expression. The research should unpack the complexity of the subject, by seeking answers to the questions through both normative and empirical information. The study should contribute to a better protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially the right to freedom of expression.

The scope of the research study

  • Overview of international, regional and national frameworks, normative guidelines and accountability mechanisms that underpin the digital dimensions of privacy and transparency;
  • Relation between the privacy of personal data, and transparency, and how to balance them in the context of public interest;
  • Anonymisation issues concerning data in both public and private sectors, which enters into the public sphere;
  • Issues around “the right to be forgotten” in relation to the right to privacy and the right to access information;
  • What is the status of public persons, within the context of balancing transparency and privacy on internet;
  • Ways in which internet adds to complexity in regulating privacy and transparency online at the national, regional & international levels;
  • Recommendations regarding sufficient safeguards in the digital environment so as to ensure a balance of privacy and transparency with the right to freedom of expression;
  • National best practices aimed to reconcile the rights involved in privacy and transparency matters.

Please find the full report here

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