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Announcement results

Written examinations

The Education Administration and Coordinator Office of the Faculty is responsible for publishing results of written examinations throughProgress.

Between the 4th and the 10th working day after the examination date

Publication of examinations results will take place before the tenth working day after the examination date (holidays as well as the days between 26 December and 1 January are not considered to be working days in this context).

15 working days after the examination date

Some (main) courses have been granted a longer grading period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the publication of the results of these examinations shall take place no later than 15 working days after the examination date. For further information, please check theTeaching and Examination Regulations.

Oral examinations

Unlike written examinations, the results of oral examinations are determined immediately after the examination and the result is provided to students in a written form.

Examinations conducted in another way

If examinations are conducted in another way than mentioned above, the Board of Examiners will decide beforehand in which way and within what period you shall receive a written statement of the result.

Right of inspection

The written statement of the result holds the right of inspection (when and how students can check their examinations) as well as the possibility of appeal at the Board of Appeal for Examinations.

Validity of examination results

The examination results are valid indefinitely.

Last updated on 21-7-2023

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