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Suggestions or complaints

  • Complaint, objection and appeal (formal)

  • Complaints with regard to examinations


    If you have a complaint about the procedures with regard to, the organisation of or the examinations themselves, you can, after you have made your objections known to the lecturer/invigilator, file a formal complaint with the Board of Examiners.

    Examples of complaints about examinations:

    • The lecturer/invigilator arrived too late;
    • The examination questions were formulated ambiguously;
    • There were technical issues with the digital examination;
    • There was noise disturbance during the examination;
    • The examination was assessed carelessly;

    Even in case of a well-founded complaint, the Board of Examiners can never bring about a change in the grade. They can, however, take measure to prevent (further) damage in the future, or request examiners to take well-founded complaints into account.



    Complaint regarding the content of an examination or assessment

    In case you do not agree with the content or the assessment of the examination (and as a result of that: with the grade you were awarded), you first should discuss your complaint with the lecturer involved. Should this not lead to a resolution, you can file a complaint with the Board of Appeals via theonline legal protection portal.



    Complaint about the situation during the examination

    You can file an online complaint with theBoard of Examiners. They will respond within six weeks to your complaint.




    Last update: 21-7-2023



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