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Binding Study Advice (BSA)


 BSA University of Groningenand Faculty of Law


Extra BSA information UG

Students who are unable to meet the BSA threshold this academic year will be granted a reprieve as was communicated on Friday 20 March. They will have the opportunity to meet the threshold in the academic year 2020-2021 as was requested on 19 March by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science after consultation with the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU). On Thursday 26 March, the Executive Board formalised this request, which means that for UG students who fall under the BSA regime, other regulations apply as of today.

All relevant information can be found here under the heading Education under the question "What is the situation with my BSA this academic year?’’


BSA UG Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law follows the policy of the University of Groningen, see the aforementioned link for more information.


The following passage is included in point 4 of the UG Regulation:

‘’Some students deregistered as of 1 March 2020 because they did not expect to be able to satisfy their BSA threshold in the academic year 2019-2020. However, given the current circumstances, these students may be considering reregistering for this academic year now

that the rules are being ‘relaxed’. Students are always allowed to submit a request for registration (or reregistration) via Studielink. Given the fact that Bachelor’s degree programmes only have one starting date per academic year, it is up to the individual faculty/degree programme in question to process such requests and decide whether or not to

admit such students. This is in accordance with the existing policy. This consideration is left up to the individual faculties.’’


The Faculty of Law has decided to give students who deregistered before 1 March 2020 the opportunity to reverse this deregistration. Students who wish to do this can contact Student Information and Administration.


Re-registering per April is not possible.

Last update 20-7-2020

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