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List of courses and fees

The list of courses available and the fees for each course can be found on this page by clicking the links. Please note: the fees include participation in the examinations. Not participating in the examination(s) does not constitute a refund of fees in whatever way.

NOTE: dates of oral exams/papers/assignments must be arranged with the lecturer

NOTE: dates of written exams (and written resits) cannot be changed !!

Explanation of the list of courses and fees
block 1&2 are in semester 1 level B1, B2 or B3 = 1st, 2nd or 3rd year bachelor

block 3&4 are in semester 2

M-level = master level/final stage of law studies; >150 EC
EC = European Credit (1 year is 60 EC) M courses are master courses and can be followed by Study Abroad students ONLY with permission from the International Office of the Faculty of Law
HC = general lecture       *) = open to limited number of Study Abroad Law students

WG = working group

**) = also open to Study Abroad students from other faculties
7x2 HC = 7 general lectures of 2 hours each     All other courses are only open to Law students, including the Study Abroad Law students
7x2 WG = 7 working groups (tutorial) of 2 hours each                            ***) = entry requirement is Public International Law; either done in Groningen or similar course at home university
1 semester = 30 EC; 1 year = 60 EC ****) = entry requirement is European Law; either done in Groningen or similar course at home university

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