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Tingting Li

Tingting Li
Tingting Li

I am so glad that I am one of this big family, RUG It is a historical university and has a good reputation around the world. Honestly, it was not easy to find a similar programme in the field I was interested in in other universities. Whereas, RUG has its right match of the subject.

As far as the realm of this programme is concerned, I love the educational model in RUG, which is freedom, inspiration, independent thinking. You would maybe be curious why I evaluated the university in five words. Well, firstly, freedom is the essential factor of studying in the university. In terms of the courses that are programmed by RUG, you can freely choose from more than 20 optional courses for your own programme, there are only 3 or 4 compulsory courses. During the class, you can raise some questions about the subjects you have doubts about. Also you can discuss learned issues with teachers in and out of the class. Secondly, professors and lecturers are an inspiration to us. They love the students who raise lots of intellectual questions. Do not be afraid of asking questions. You can get inspiration from them. For example, I took the seminar during the second semester and during the class we examined and analyzed cases. I liked the team work, because I can always learn good points and opinions from other students. If I hold on to my opinion that is different from the final result of the case, the lecturer would not say that I am wrong, but rather she/he encourages me to do have an informed opinion. Last but not least, the important element for everyone during education life is independent thinking. Cultivating this quality, RUG puts itself in a top position. Before taking each class, I should read and prepare the assigned literature in order to understand the background and general topics of the lecture. That makes you concentrate on the context of the class.

In addition, I love the law library in RUG. As for foreign students, there are many books in English available. The facilities, environment, and even the studying atmosphere make me believe this is the most excellent university in the Netherlands.

Tingting Li, China, LLM student International Commercial Law

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