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Gizachew Admasu Manahle

Gizachew Admasu Manahle
Gizachew Admasu Manahle

Honestly, before I came here, I knew little about Groningen nor did I know much about the Faculty of Law except that its education and research activities are chiefly international law oriented. A few days after I arrived here I was thrilled to see a very sociable, too welcoming, friendly and helpful Groningen people. Almost everybody here speaks English and is ready to help, no inhibitions whatsoever. Very soon with a lot of friends around I began to feel almost at home.

As an LLM student, it took me no time to learn that the quality of education and research at the Law Faculty goes beyond measure. The Faculty is staffed with prominent professors who put themselves at the service of their students. They are so friendly and always ready to help their students. People working in the administration and in the library are amazingly informative and cooperative. At the Faculty of Law it is impossible to think of scarcity of materials to read and do research. The library is full of contemporary books and it is possible to browse a number of journals that you would like to read. Simply put, the Faculty is resourceful.

The curriculum is designed in such a fashion that students can pick the courses they would like to take from interestingly an array of long list of optional courses. The interactive methods of teaching that most professors follow created a golden opportunity to learn not only from the teacher but also from each other. The outings and excursions that we had once in a while were also sources of courage and easiness.

All in all, it wouldn’t be further from the truth if I say that the wonderful experience both academic and non-academic that I got here surpassed my hopes and expectations. This has already inspired me to look forward to do my PhD in this esteemed university.

Gizachew Admasu Manahle, Ethiopia, LLM student International Human Rights Law

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