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Ana Suvanne-Ferero Perdomo

Ana Isabel Suvanne-Ferero Perdomo
Ana Isabel Suvanne-Ferero Perdomo

After I finished my Lawyer undergraduate degree in my country Colombia and after working for a period of two years in a multinational financial institution, I thought it might be an interesting experience to study abroad a Master degree. The first reason was to improve my legal English skills and the second and most important was to understand and learn other culture and study in a different country, which i believed would open my mind to new perspectives and even to a new life. I had some options of enrolling in different universities but one that captured my attention was the University of Groningen. While studying its brochure and website i found that it was founded in 1614 which gives a long tradition in academic work and experience that can't be improvised. Also the academic staff is conformed by well recognised professionals in their fields of expertise. The Netherlands is considered the most important country in the world in the field of international law because leading institutions in this area have their domicile in The Hague such as the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Iran-US claims Tribunal. The wide range of courses offered by the Faculty gives the students many options of learning really important nowadays topics and to emphasize in the ones which are considered more important depending to the individual interests. The teachers are always willing to help: they answer your mails and offer their time to help in their university offices.

Today I can say that studying in the University of Groningen changed my life completely. I am grateful to the academic and administrative staff of the University for providing me with the necessary tools, concepts, knowledge and appropriate social environment that allowed me to learn useful and interesting information that will for sure be of great value in my future professional career. The University has a good atmosphere: nice and comfortable rooms to study where antique architecture is combined with a modern one to create a special environment, a library that has great technology and research facilities as well as a extended schedule, and also social areas where you can have something to eat and drink while you have a break of your activities ! Dutch people are kind and helpful and the city of Groningen is a really nice one: you can experience the importance of the bicycle in daily life, attend parties, lunches and dinners organized by students of different nationalities and profiles and walk in lovely parks as Stadspark when you want to have fresh air ! There are also enough places to enjoy free time –if you find any-such as restaurants of affordable prices and shops.

Now i live in Finland and after i take care of my new-born baby for quite a considerable time, i plan to practice the learned concepts and interesting knowledge i acquired in the Master studies during the most amazing year i have ever lived in my life !

Anna Isabel Suvanne-Ferero Perdomo, Colombia/Finland , Public International Law

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