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Call for Abstracts

The Future of Environmental Law: Ambition and Reality

Groningen University invites the submission of papers and abstracts for the 18th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, to be held in Groningen in the summer of 2021. The theme of the Colloquium is ‘The future of Environmental Law: Ambition and Reality’.

The broad colloquium topic allows the international scholarly community to take stock and critically reflect on the achievements of environmental law, discuss future challenges and identify pathways to achieve present and future sustainability goals. Environmental law provides key tools for the transition to a sustainable way of life on our planet and plays a major role in achieving the goals set for 2021 by many countries, international organizations and corporations. It also provides frameworks and legal instruments to address pressing and diverse societal problems such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, waste, air and water pollution et cetera. The advancements, innovations and effectiveness of Environmental law might be evaluated critically if prevention of environmental degradation is taken as a yardstick. The 2021 Groningen IUCN AEL Colloquium is to be dedicated to both identifying (the legal instruments of) Environmental law that have been (un)successful and discuss future challenges and innovative applications of Environmental law to assist in achieving sustainability goals, in an efficient and effective way. This will help us to distil a realistic understanding of what environmental law can do and also help us set a research agenda for the future as we move towards new milestones in 2030.

Conference sponsor: Municipality of Groningen
Conference sponsor: Municipality of Groningen

Topics may include:

  • International, Regional and European environmental law
  • Environmental Justice
  • Climate Law
  • Climate Law and Aviation
  • Sustainability Law
  • Energy Law
  • Legal Instruments to achieve (Sustainable Development) Goals
  • Nature protection and Ecological Governance
  • Fundamental (Human) Rights
  • Regulating Adaptive Management
  • Access to Information, Public Participation in decision-making and Access to Justice
  • Deforestation and Desertification
  • Green Bonds
  • Environmental taxation
  • Land Use Management
  • Agricultural Law
  • Sustainable Water and Oceans Law

Instructions for the Submission of Abstracts

  • Abstracts and papers must be written in English, complete with title, author(s)’s name(s), and institutional affiliation.
  • Abstracts should contain the aim of the paper, main points and a brief conclusion (300 words, maximum). Abstracts should not contain tables, graphs, drawings, etc.
  • Abstracts should be attached to an email to iucnael2021groningen . The subject of the email should be “Abstract – 2021 IUCN AEL”.
  • Abstracts should be submitted by 15th of April 2021.
  • Abstracts that have already been accepted in 2020 have been rolled over to 2021.

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