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Congres International Class Action Regimes and Settling Mass Personal Injury

When:Fr 04-06-2021 14:15 - 21:00
welcome conference

This conference has taken place. The conference summary (in dutch) is now available (pdf download).

Nearly a decade in the making, last year the Dutch Act on Redress of Mass Harms in Collective Actions (WAMCA) came into force. This new legislation paves the way for collective actions for monetary damages, thus providing a new avenue for collective redress of mass harms that complements the Dutch tradition of collective settlements. The introduction of a full-fledged ‘damages class action’ has the potential to significantly change the litigation landscape in mass harm cases, but also brings a host of new and unique challenges.

This conference explores the implications of the new Dutch collective action legislation, to then contrast the Dutch situation with Israel, Brazil and the United States: all jurisdictions with long-established but distinct class action regimes. What lessons can be learned from these countries’ experiences in dealing with mass harm cases? Can complex cases such as those involving personal injury be resolved collectively? An international group of renowned experts from academia, legal practice and the judiciary will share their insights and experiences with regard to class actions and the resolution of complex mass harm cases.

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The foundation Stichting Onderzoek Collectieve Actie contributed by funding this conference.