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Sketch your future

Map out where you want to be in five or ten ten years: what do you do, be, or have? Go after what you really want, without thinking about what others expect from you: what would you do if you had no limits?

To help you with this, you can take the following areas of life.  

  • Relationship / family: how would your relationship or family look like? Do you have children? What would you want to give?
  • Finance / possessions: how would your financial situation look like? What have you for possessions? How and where would you like to live?
  • Personal development: what do you want to? What skills do you want? What knowledge do you want to have acquired? What are your meaningful factors?
  • Social contacts: what kind of friendships would you have? With whom?
  • Work: what kind of work you want to do in ten years? How does this work look like? What is your job? Is this inside or outside the legal professional field?
  • Health: Are you concerned with your health? In what way? Do you practice sports?
  • Contribution to society: you contribute something to society? If so, what?

Please describe all of this as concretely as possible!

Sketch your future
Sketch your future
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