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Outline your goals

Consider what your goals are. Your goals may relate to your knowledge, attitude, skills and understanding. Try to formulate goals as specific as possible:

  • Specifically: what, who, why
  • Measurable: what to do if the goal is reached? How do you measure that?
  • Acceptable: the goal is acceptable?
  • Realistic: the goal is achievable? A difficult goal can be split into smaller sub-goals. Achieving these sub-goals give you confidence and will motivate you!
  • Time-bound: When the goal is reached?

Set objectives clearly to indicate what you want and guide your behavior. Remember that there are many roads that lead to Rome.

You can achieve your dream job through different routes; doing an internship can be a possible first step of a pathway toward your ideal job.

To get more out of your internship, it is important that you consider when you want your internship exactly. Would you use it to get your bearings? Or to develop yourself and work on your employability? Or are you at the end of your studies and you see your internship as an opportunity to show yourself as a suitable future employee? Often the stage where you can do an internship (bachelor or master) affects your needs. An internship during your Bachelor studies will be used more often as an orientation than in the master phase. However, an internship can be used at any time to learn things and explore!

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​what you wish for the future, you can start thinking about how you are going to achieve this.

View your wishes for the Work section.

a. What does it take to perform this function? What you need to be, have, do?
b. For each criterion that you just defined, consider how you (now) can put these to work.
c. How does an internship fit into this plan?

It is wise to remember that “many roads lead to Rome”. You can achieve your dream job through different routes; an internship can be a possible first step along the pathway toward your ideal career.
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